"Ugly Dark Skinned Women Need to Stop Attacking Beautiful Bleached Women"- Ray P Spits Fire On Live TV

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Sanyuka TV presenter Rehema Nakitto aka Precious Remmie / Ray P has come out and spit fire at the so called 'Dark skinned women' to stop attacking beautiful, succesful bleached women, she has given he..

Appearing on Live TV with co presenter Tracy Mildred, Precious Remmie urged fellow women who are fond of demeaning bleached women to stop immediately.

She issued out this caution after coming across insulting remarks on social media about women who use bleaching treatments to improve their looks and that since dark-skinned women chose to remain in their dark tone, they should be proud of it, and stop demeaning others for their choices.

“Fellow black women, we really need to stop these light skinned women because they go through alot to look as ood as they do, Bleaching requires maintenance, consistency, and money, which makes it pricey for some women. These women are succesful, they are rich and they have men who love them but for you what do you have apart from hate?”- Remmie stated.

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