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Trip to Uganda - SUPERCUT

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Hey everyone!

In January 2020, Ana and I travelled to Fort Portal, Uganda for our friends' wedding and to explore a country unlike any that we had been to. It was amazing! The people were extremely kind and the landscape and ecotourism is incredible. This was our first time in Uganda and our first time on a continent with such rich culture and history.

I filmed during many of the activities and cut them together into one video that I'm calling the SUPERCUT. It's not the typical format of my video's nor do I speak Spanish in it. However there were a couple times I blurt out Spanish words when trying to communicate something....everyone there spoke english....The video has a few informal chapters that divide it up:

Chapter 1
0:00 -- On our first day in Kampala, Uganda we rode Safebodas (basically like Uber but for mopeds) to run some errands in the capital city. The second day we travelled to Fort Portal, Uganda located on the west side of the country. The third day in Fort Portal we did a guided water fall and hike around crater lakes. There we checked out some small farms and tried guava straight from the tree (it wasn't ripe). The chapter ends on our forth day with the traditional wedding ceremony of the Batoroo tribe. We even participated in some of the ceremonies!

Chapter 2
4:15 -- Fifth day of the trip where we did a walking tour through Kibale National Park. There we did a guided nature walking tour and saw countless baboons along the side of the rode and many more apes in the trees. We also tried some jackfruit that the local kids brought us. The chapter ends on the sixth day where we attend the church wedding and wedding reception. Entertainment was provided The Ndere Troop who dazzled the crowd with drumming and acrobatics. This group is world-renowned and was unbelievable to see in person.

Chapter 3
8:26 -- The chapter starts on day 7 where we travel south from Fort Portal to the Mweya Safari Lodge. It had rained the night before and turned the final few miles into an mini-adventure of getting the van stuck and unstruck. Needless to say, we eventually made it. We did a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park where we saw a leopard, 3 lions, and Ugandan Kub (the deer-like animals). Then we did a boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel where we saw ELEPHANTS. We also saw water buffalo, hippos, alligators, a komodo dragon, countless birds and a large fishing village.

Chapter 4
13:35 -- The final day we headed back to the airport in Entebbe, Uganda. We took a different route and got to see some tea and coffee plantations. More views of little towns from the vehicle. It was about a 10 hour trip in total so it’s a good thing we left early. Right before heading to the airport we got to try the iconic Ugandan street food of “the rolex” (or rolleggs). It’s kind of like a breakfast burrito - tomato and onion scrambled into egg and rolled up into chapatti (like a thick tortilla).


I don't own any of the rights to these songs and I accept that this video could never be monetized in the future. Doesn't matter because these songs are awesome!

Boomerang by Jidenna
(if you look closely, there is a billboard with Jidenna on it at 0:47 seconds)

Ye by Burna Boy
(this is a hot Nigerian rapper right now...well, mumble rapper)

Toast by Koffee
(Koffee just did a Tiny Desk concert at NPR)

Baby - Joeboy
(another hot Nigerian artist. it's impossible not to like this song)

Thanks to my friend’s for inviting us to spend several really special days with them - would not have missed it! Thanks to the country of Uganda. “Webale muno” means “thank you very much” in Rutooro. Thanks for watching!

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